Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Farm Pics From Merry Meredith

Thanks for the pics.


MerryMeredith said...

No problem! I'm going to miss you Tueting!

Artemis Entreri said...

Who's that idiot with the guitar.

Atomic Dead Head said...


TimmyTango said...

No you don't, I do.

GiveAndySome said...

Give Andy Some!

ZealousSandy said...

Hey Tueting,
I was procrastinating my homework, as usual, and I came across this lovely piece of internet real estate. Honestly Tueting, this is monnneeeey. Heritage, not hate?! HAHAHAHAA. Anyway, I tried searching for the new blog but I couldn't find it. So here it is, post it or just look and laugh at the biggots.

Sandy the Mexican.


Also, if you have not finished your holiday shopping, here is a great idea.


russ_of_the09 said...

So I am rocking the face of an AP European Exam when I get a text message from a student of yours Tueting. She asks me if I was infact the imfamous Ghost that plagued out innocent blog last year. At first I felt insulted because all Georgians believe the Civil Wat was about states rights and I was being singled out. Sure I'm a member of the Sons of Confederacy by association, but in no way, shape, or form does this reflect my beliefs. Pope Benedict was a part of the Nazi youth as a child, but does that make him a Jew hater? Negative. Okay, probably because afterall he is Christian.....and Catholic moreover. In an attempt to squelch Tueting's false attempts at naming me Ghost, I have taken the liberty of finishing my test and angrily blogging.

To the Tuets: I am not Ghost that haunted the blog (punzies for the funzies), in fact several times last year I argued with him. If you remember back, he singled me out and addressed me in a few comments. I dont know if today you just decided to share the tale o' past blogs and bring up Ghost or if this was a personal vendetta against my nationality, rather state-uality. Believed me when I say, I ain't no Ghost. Now if you'll excuse me, I got cows to milk, cousins to kiss, and banjos to play.