Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dead Parrot Update

I previously linked to a Monty-Python themed analysis of Clinton's campaign.

Here is the sketch that the writer was riffing on*.

Added bonus: The Spanish subtitles make this educational!

* Yes, Aleina, I know that I ended a sentence with a preposition. But the meaning, as it says in "If You Catch and Adjective Kill It," is clear. And, as Winston Churchill said, rearranging a perfectly fine sentence to comply with an arbitrary rule, is "nonsense, up with which, I will not put."

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susurrous aleina said...

Point taken. And yes, I agree, it is sometimes better to end a sentence with a preposition than to attempt to rearrange it. I think I clarified when I brought it up that one time that it only really bothers me when people end sentences with "at", especially because it can often be fixed by just cutting off that last word entirely, and it generally doesn't sound bad if you choose to rearrange the sentence.